Environment policy

We shall always work with ongoing improvements reducing our influence on the environment. This shall be achieved by using resources in an environment promoting way and by reducing the amount of emissions and waste. We shall meet the legal requirements with a good margin. Our products shall be designed to minimise environmental influence related to

• Manufacture
• Use, and
• Final disposal

All ingredients, materials and components with a negative environment influence shall gradually be exchanged.

Our processes as well as our places and methods of work shall be designed and adapted in order to minimise environmental influence and to avoid injury and health hazard to persons.
Information and training shall constitute normal activities in the company to stimulate interest in environment issues with all our employees and to support personal development and participation in the environment work of the company.
Our suppliers and commissioned partners shall be chosen and influenced in such a way that they can add to our fulfilment of the environment policy.
Our customers shall be informed of our environment work and form co-operation partners to spread knowledge and advice to the parties of the distribution chain, all in order to safeguard the proper use, stocking and final disposal of our products.
We shall continuously evaluate the results of the environment work.
We shall demonstrate openness concerning information on our work with and influence on the environment


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