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Abiko Mobile - tool with interchangeable dies

Professional terminal crimping tool with interchangeable dies to be ordered separately. 


• reliable, safe, inexpensive and ergonomic tool
parallel crimp movement with 10,000 N crimp force, tested for 20,000 crimps
crimp dies can be changed quickly and easily in one simple operation
the crimp dies are held together in pairs in a unit which is stored in a dedicated holder
broad range of dies allows you to use a single tool frame for 20 different crimp applications
light and efficient - weight 460 g, length 234 mm, width 64 mm

Abiko Mobile comes in three basic designs: 

Abiko Mobile

Mobile hand tool (frame only). Dies additional.

Abiko Mobile Installation

Tool with two interchangeable dies:

• die OAA0525 for the crimping of insulated terminals 0.5 - 2.5 mm²
• die OEB0210 for the crimping of end sleeves 0.25 - 10 mm²

Abiko Mobile DataCom

Tool with two interchangeable dies:

• die OMP45 for the crimping of modular plug RJ45 
• die OCC1113 for the crimping of coaxial terminals RG58, RG59, RG62 and RG71

Mobile box

Box for mobile tool with space for the tool and 5-6 associated dies. Tool and dies should be ordered separately.

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